Threads Equality Agency provides fun, accessible group learning with a focus on social justice. Our workshops are about:

DEVELOPING leadership through self-knowledge.

BUILDING intersectional communities based on open dialogue and informed discussion.


SHARING feminist methodology and life skills.

INCREASING the self-awareness necessary to make fair and equitable decisions in our communities.

woman discussing feminism at a threads equality workshop



Hi, I'm Monique. I started Threads while I was studying at Oxford University in 2014. I found that people were hungry to understand what feminism was really all about, so I started running sessions at community spaces and festivals and that progressed to working with high schools and universities. I have a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Oxford and BA (Hons) in Gender and Cultural Studies from the University of Sydney. I am passionate about feminism, gender equality, intersectionality, and staff and community engagement.

I now live and work in Sydney.


Our workshops bring together women’s achievements across history, literature, legal studies, society and culture, geography, and more. We work with students and teachers to understand the significance of various women’s movements and women's achievements, piecing together key milestones, trends, gaps, and silences.

Fulham Cross Girls' School in London said, "Our students made us so proud in our two workshops with @ThreadsEquality today! So articulate and empowered! Thanks Monique you were fab!"

Fulham Cross Boys' School said, "A terrific workshop on the history of feminism with @ThreadsEquality today. Excellent contributions from Year 10 and 11 students."



For most people, “feminism” is an alien concept. Our workshops provide a safe space to explore challenging ideas about sexism, inequality and social justice. We consider why different women's movements have come into being, how they fit together with other social movements, and why they have been criticised. These workshops are for anyone who is curious about feminism, women's rights or gender equality. 

Peter (31) said, "Clear, accessible and engaging. The workshop I attended was genuinely thought provoking, insightful, challenging and friendly."



Gender in the workplace shouldn't be an issue, but unfortunately many organisations are struggling to better accommodate gender diverse practices and policies.


Monique has worked with universities on cutting edge gender equality programs in the UK and in Australia. Her work has covered complete end-to-end project management and administration, stakeholder engagement, staff data analysis, improving staff engagement and communications strategies, survey design and reporting, staff consultations and focus groups, staff training, and innovative HR policies and processes.