Our consulting packages help clients

assess their diversity needs and develop

efficient, engaging, long-term solutions.

Here we will take you through the steps of how our consulting packages work.

You may choose a whole or part package depending on your needs.


Starting out, the biggest challenge is successfully identifying the problem. We provide the knowledge, understanding and experience necessary for you to do this, delivering valuable insights and helping you to clarify and synthesise your data and priorities. 

Policy Design

We work closely with you to ensure you feel supported, confident, and assured in the decisions you make, helping you balance concern for employee welfare with commitment to organisational goals. 


We deliver engaging, dynamic and inspiring training and coaching to ensure your new policy is fully functional and understood by your staff.  Our workshops take into account each individual’s personality, values, and life experiences, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, or age. We run sessions on leadership, hiring and recruiting, unconscious bias, team building, working parents, and more. Training can take any number of forms, including 45 to 60 minute lunch time sessions, 8 to 12 week short courses, and half or whole day intensives. We can come to your workplace, organise a suitable external venue, or create webinars. 

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