​ Ever wondered what feminism really means? Why it is such a bad word? What relevance does it have today? Does gender have any impact on our daily lives? And what is difference between "sex" and "gender"?

Our Workshops provide a safe space to explore these questions and find fulfilling answers.

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What does it mean to be a feminist? Who can be a feminist? And is there a right and wrong way of doing it?

Join us on a unique journey through feminist history. Add your voice as we discuss key moments in literature, art, politics, music, sport, and science to develop our understanding of feminism.

You'll discover knowledge you didn't realise you had as we join together the pieces of feminist history and women's achievements in this fun, interactive workshop.

We will identify different stages and criticisms of feminism and consider intersections with race, LGBTIQ, age, and disability politics. We look for silences and unacknowledged voices, and consider the privileges and biases in our own perspectives.

Oct 28, 2017


£0 – £15.46

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